About Us

Elliott Wave Analytics is a research and analysis organization specializing in the forecasting of the S&P 500. We are a group of profitable, independent traders whose expertise and success comes from years of perfecting analysis, teaching, and trading methods. Our members have all had notable online and live presences over the years, including a CEWA-certified live instructor for Elliott Wave International. Our edge is central to the Elliott Wave principle, the natural basis for market behavior, and is supported by proprietary trend and technical indicators as seen exclusively through our services.


We believe our passion for the market and the quality of our services is unrivaled.  After years of development, we want to show why our superior approach to the Elliott Wave principle works and why our proprietary technical indicators are so important.  We offer educational resources appealing to the novice, seasoned trader, and anyone in between.  Elliott Wave Analytics is independent; we are not affiliated to any organizations and are not payed by anyone but our subscribers.