As traders, we strive for success and only use analysis that works. We cannot afford to be wrong! Everything material we use in our trading is shown to our subscribers. As a subscriber, you not only see the forecast, but exactly our thought process in determining where we believe the market is going to go in the short to long terms, and what moves are worth trading. The intent is to improve our subscribers as traders, not just analysts like most Elliott Wave sites. Because we are more than just researchers and analysts, we show you what high probability opportunities look like then put our money where our mouths are. Our analysis and indicators are the result of years of hard work and refinement of strategy to something that truly works. We have spent years profiting and now you should too.


Here are some short quotes from our subscribers


“Thanks Nate, perfect summary….Nate, you are by far the best Elliottician I know. What I like about you and this website is that you don’t give definite answers, but present the possibilities and try to order them according to their probability. Sometimes when I read your analysis I feel like talking to myself…”

Thomas C


“You saved me a lot of money making me to sell few days ago. Not exact top but quite above today level. Thanks! :-)”

Chris Hauther


“Thank you for keeping the finger on the pulse :) I bought the market near 2000 and I am now up almost 10%”

Helena M


“Your wave count and trend system has kept me in the right side of the market for the last 2 years. Thank you for your excellent analysis!”

Michael Hurley


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